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I’m at work; but I wish I had my laptop near!

Yes, I’m at work as I type this – in fact, it’s my 18 hour day of work. I wish that I had my laptop with me – I really feel like working on a doll! In fact…I started making a base body last night. Can you believe it? And it was quite amusing, because […]


Just another quick update. I mentioned before that I had to remove the ability to comment because I had to deactivate a specific plugin. Well, I made it to where people can register for the website to comment if they’d like to on articles & pages, without having to worry myself about spammers registering and […]

Updated WordPress

Hey all! So I’ve been having a problem with the server timing out; I updated WordPress itself and I’ve deactivated plugins to see why it was being slow/timing out. As such, I think it’s a particular plugin that was at fault, and that sucks because it was a particularly awesome plugin (Jetpack, for those that […]

Adopted Dolls

Just another quick update (I love being able to update so easily!). I created a page here for my adopted dolls. For right now, I’ll just be adopting dolls from the websites I visit to find tutorial or forum links. However, I’m sure it shall grow in the future to include other doll websites! Although […]

I’ve enabled commenting!

Just a quick little update. I’ve enabled comments on all posts & pages here on my website. I’m not sure if that will be a good or a bad thing but I’m willing to see where it takes us all. In addition to posting comments the old fashioned way (with an email address, name, and […]

Contact Me!

I’ve added a contact page with a little area where you can contact me, without worrying about having to copy and past my email address. Have a question about dolls or a specific doller? Looking for a particular tutorial? Do you want to be sister sites with my site here? Then please, contact me about […]

September 11, 2013

12 years ago, I saw online what had happened before it ever hit the TV news. I didn’t know anyone directly who died; however, a girl from my ‘clan’ on The Palace Chat died while visiting the towers with her school that day. Shame on me, I don’t even remember her screen name (back then, […]


I have to go to work soon, but I’m working on my website a little bit before I go. I’ve updated the theme — it is called ‘Montezuma’and I found it on Bytes For All‘s website. It’s very clean and basic; I’d like something with a little more zazz, but since I haven’t found ‘The […]

Hello world!

Hello everyone! Veriria here. ┬áHave no worry — my cartoon dolls website Veriria’s Palace and the cartoon doll directory are STILL here! I just decided that I wanted to implement WordPress onto my website. In order to do that, I had to upgrade the PHP on my site, and it’s apparently not meshing well with […]

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