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Dollz Netiquette is online!

A big update today! I’ve created a Dollz Netiquette page for my website. It harkens back to the days when Dollz of Flavor was still online. They were the first website to have a page dedicated to the guidelines we all, as dollers, should be following. My page may grow over time. I’ve added at […]

Chat With Veriria!

The Palace Chat is a 2-d graphical chatting program where you could use avatars and other graphics to represent yourself. I will always adore & love The Palace Chat; however, ┬áthere just aren’t any dollers – or even any sk8er avatars – on it anymore. I’ll say it again, I believe Palace caused the explosion […]


So I know just the other day I said I would keep track of all the new things I added to my website here; I totally derped about it and forgot to keep track in a post. I’ve been working on my website the entire day here since I woke up, and have had lots […]

More Adopted Dolls!

So if you don’t know me, I’m a big fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So much in fact that both my husband and I are in a shadow cast that performs it on a weekly basis in Hobart, Indiana. Our cast name is Help Me Mommy and we’ve been performing for 5 years […]

New Tutorial Links & Adopted Doll

I thought about it, and I guess I should update daily of the newest links & dolls that I’ve adopted. I guess it makes sense, right? After all, it is very easy to make an update now! And it would show you, my readers, what the newest information is on the website without having to […]

I’m at work; but I wish I had my laptop near!

Yes, I’m at work as I type this – in fact, it’s my 18 hour day of work. I wish that I had my laptop with me – I really feel like working on a doll! In fact…I started making a base body last night. Can you believe it? And it was quite amusing, because […]


Just another quick update. I mentioned before that I had to remove the ability to comment because I had to deactivate a specific plugin. Well, I made it to where people can register for the website to comment if they’d like to on articles & pages, without having to worry myself about spammers registering and […]

Updated WordPress

Hey all! So I’ve been having a problem with the server timing out; I updated WordPress itself and I’ve deactivated plugins to see why it was being slow/timing out. As such, I think it’s a particular plugin that was at fault, and that sucks because it was a particularly awesome plugin (Jetpack, for those that […]

Adopted Dolls

Just another quick update (I love being able to update so easily!). I created a page here for my adopted dolls. For right now, I’ll just be adopting dolls from the websites I visit to find tutorial or forum links. However, I’m sure it shall grow in the future to include other doll websites! Although […]

I’ve enabled commenting!

Just a quick little update. I’ve enabled comments on all posts & pages here on my website. I’m not sure if that will be a good or a bad thing but I’m willing to see where it takes us all. In addition to posting comments the old fashioned way (with an email address, name, and […]

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