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Dollz Netiquette is online!

A big update today! I’ve created a Dollz Netiquette page for my website. It harkens back to the days when Dollz of Flavor was still online. They were the first website to have a page dedicated to the guidelines we all, as dollers, should be following. My page may grow over time. I’ve added at the bottom a call for donations of linking images for the page. I’d love it if other dollers created a Dollz Netiquette linking button to use to link back to this page here on my website.

In other news, I’m excited because a new dolling forum is presently being created! I was invited to join a group on Facebook for new and old dollers alike; a lot of people recognize me there as Veriria, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to be remembered. I also recognize a lot of other dollers there as well. When I get the URL and it’s all done, I’ll be sure to post it as soon as possible.

As you may have seen, I am also re-creating the Free Project which is a collection of absolutely free base bodies (and may soon include other items such as dolls and props). I was also given the entire collection from the old Free Project on the also no defunct website, All About Dollz. There’s literally over 900 base bodies, so I can’t say when I’ll be able to put them online, but I’ll be working on that soon. I’d also love it if Dollers would also create new base bodies to be used for the project!

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