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Sue Of Fainelloth Dolls

Interview with Sue of¬†Fainelloth Dolls. ~When did you first begin to doll? In December, 2003. On the 22nd, to be exact. ~How did you find about dolling? My real-life sister had been looking for LotR avatars at some sites, and at one she found a link to Swanlake, the first dolling site that I ever […]

Interview with Xandorra

This interview is with Xandorra. She’s been gone from the dolling community for quite some time, but you can view her website via the Wayback Machine. This interview was posted to the Dolling History forums, which has been unused/abandoned for years. As such, I’m going to be regularly adding information stored there to my own […]


An old interview of mine:

This is an interview between me and “Pollen-de-lys”, an admin from the now-defunct forums known as Dolling History Project. Their main goal was to supply information on the history of Cartoon Dolls – articles, interviews with well known dollers, different techniques, and current trends. Unfortunately I never kept up with the forums, and it looks […]