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My Internet Life

So I’ve had my website for a very long time, and I’ve been playing on the internet for even longer than that. I remember being 10 or 11 years old back in the (very early) 90′s and posting on Prodigy’s bulletin board system. I’m not that old…But it’s weird to think that the kids nowadays […]

New Layout

Since I’ve been having trouble with the website (being slow), I’ve changed the layout, or theme. I’ve already tried disabling the plugins that I’ve wanted to use, excepting for a few essentials. So now, I’m changing the theme to see if that was the problem. I’ve also changed a few lines of code from information […]

Cartoon Dollz Tutorial Directory

The awesome Daenelia had made this little linking image based off of the images used on my cartoon dolls tutorial directory. Please feel free to use it to link to the tutorial directory on your website, blogs, tumblr’s, or any other social media you may use. And as always, please feel free to add your […]

A Nice Collection of Dollz

Anime dollz, to be precise. Found at Enchanting Castle.

New Dollz Links & Tutorials

This is just a short and sweet update. I added around 20 awesome links to other’s cartoon dolls/z websites on my Links page. They’re all worth checking out! A very few are links to websites no longer around, but cached on the Wayback Machine. They still deserve to be around, that’s how awesome they are! […]

Dollz Netiquette is online!

A big update today! I’ve created a Dollz Netiquette page for my website. It harkens back to the days when Dollz of Flavor was still online. They were the first website to have a page dedicated to the guidelines we all, as dollers, should be following. My page may grow over time. I’ve added at […]

Chat With Veriria!

The Palace Chat is a 2-d graphical chatting program where you could use avatars and other graphics to represent yourself. I will always adore & love The Palace Chat; however, ┬áthere just aren’t any dollers – or even any sk8er avatars – on it anymore. I’ll say it again, I believe Palace caused the explosion […]


So I know just the other day I said I would keep track of all the new things I added to my website here; I totally derped about it and forgot to keep track in a post. I’ve been working on my website the entire day here since I woke up, and have had lots […]

More Adopted Dolls!

So if you don’t know me, I’m a big fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So much in fact that both my husband and I are in a shadow cast that performs it on a weekly basis in Hobart, Indiana. Our cast name is Help Me Mommy and we’ve been performing for 5 years […]

New Tutorial Links & Adopted Doll

I thought about it, and I guess I should update daily of the newest links & dolls that I’ve adopted. I guess it makes sense, right? After all, it is very easy to make an update now! And it would show you, my readers, what the newest information is on the website without having to […]

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