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Hello, again!

It’s been a long time. I can’t believe I’ve had my website now for over HALF of my life – and I’ll be turning 40 next February. That’s amazing! I don’t really make cartoon dolls anymore, but I’m still performing at The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I can, no thanks to the Pancetta. My […]


During my search today of the internet, I’ve come across a few old and new websites, along with some forum links. They aren’t as active as they once were, most likely due to social media and websites like Deviant Art, but they still have active members posting. I will update this particular post as I […]

Looking for contributors!

Hello everyone! I really would like to get this going as an actual, updated on a slightly-regular-basis “magazine” all about pixel art and cartoon dolls (and maybe some Palace Chat news thrown in for good measure!). I am looking to take on some people who would be willing to contribute, by writing spotlight articles, musings […]

The Shady Nook

So I stumbled upon The Shady Nook while waxing nostalgic for my youth, back when The Palace Chat was the cool thing to chat on and making avatars/cartoon dolls was a huge hobby among the old and young alike.  I found this website while searching for things related to my own; they have links to […]

Hey y’all

Guess who’s back? Back again 😀 Life takes unexpected turns, and I’m now nearly 37 years old! I started this website so long ago, and I just can’t bear to get rid of it, even if I am not doing much with it at the current time. If anyone actually reads this, do me a […]

My Internet Life

So I’ve had my website for a very long time, and I’ve been playing on the internet for even longer than that. I remember being 10 or 11 years old back in the (very early) 90’s and posting on Prodigy’s bulletin board system. I’m not that old…But it’s weird to think that the kids nowadays […]

New Layout

Since I’ve been having trouble with the website (being slow), I’ve changed the layout, or theme. I’ve already tried disabling the plugins that I’ve wanted to use, excepting for a few essentials. So now, I’m changing the theme to see if that was the problem. I’ve also changed a few lines of code from information […]

Cartoon Dollz Tutorial Directory

The awesome Daenelia had made this little linking image based off of the images used on my cartoon dolls tutorial directory. Please feel free to use it to link to the tutorial directory on your website, blogs, tumblr’s, or any other social media you may use. And as always, please feel free to add your […]

A Nice Collection of Dollz

Anime dollz, to be precise. Found at Enchanting Castle.

New Dollz Links & Tutorials

This is just a short and sweet update. I added around 20 awesome links to other’s cartoon dolls/z websites on my Links page. They’re all worth checking out! A very few are links to websites no longer around, but cached on the Wayback Machine. They still deserve to be around, that’s how awesome they are! […]

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