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The bases offered on this page are free to use and edit in any way you would like. I did something similar back in the day with my website; I offered off base bodies that could be easily found if you were to use The Palace Chat. However, the desire to create something similar here was sparked by my visit to All About Dollz via the Wayback Machine. It is a now-defunct site but used to be a massive dolling resource — which is what I aim for Veriria’s Palace to be now.

Obviously, the dolling community has grown much more since those days; however, there will always be new dollers and they’ll always be looking for something completely free to edit.

If you would like to donate to the project, please contact Veriria about how to send in your base bodies.

Remember that the purpose of this project is to make available bases with no strings attached. We hope that you will join in to make this project a success and help those starting out in the community.

We would like to thank all of the members of the Palace community and the Dollz Community for making these wonderful bases available in a spirit of sharing. We hope you enjoy them!

Female Base Bodies

Male Base Bodies

Mini Base Bodies

Blank clothing & heads for PREP bodies

Here are some heads to correspond with some prep bodies:


These are all base bodies that were edited by, or created by me, Veriria. Please, feel free to use them as you would the above dolls & base bodies.

New Prep Head
Prep + Head
Revamped Prep
Chibi Doll
Xeni Male
Fairy Female
Sitting I
Dancing II
Sitting III
Standing II
Alien II
Alien III

I decided to take a few bases from the Free Project on the Wayback Machine’s cache of All About Dollz to have here. They have a lot of bases, but I’m afraid that one day they’ll no longer be available. The Wayback Machine takes snapshots of websites; that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have images. Even some of the base bodies offered at All About Dolls aren’t showing up.

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