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Hello, again!

It’s been a long time. I can’t believe I’ve had my website now for over HALF of my life – and I’ll be turning 40 next February. That’s amazing! I don’t really make cartoon dolls anymore, but I’m still performing at The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I can, no thanks to the Pancetta. My new favorite thing is going to wrestling shows…Ahhh, I only wish I found my love of wrestling when I was much younger!! I would have gone to wrestling school myself. It’s just that fun.

I started a youtube channel, which I’ve been uploading to for a long time now. I mostly post about makeup, another passion, and upload the random wrestling videos I take at shows there, too. I’ve been thinking about either using my website here to create a completely new blog for my youtube channel, or perhaps using a new domain and hosting space. I’m uncertain at this point. Anyways…If you still read this, I’m glad you are here, and remember me 🙂

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