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Dolls, History, & Palace Chat Links

thepalaceThe Palace: Virtual community featuring a directory, manuals, and registration services. Limited software support is also offered by community leaders here. Where it all started!

Worlize is a browser-based, avatar-using, 2-d graphical chat, just like The Palace is. However, there is NO program to download. And you can connect via your Twitter or Facebook logins, enabling you to connect with your friends. Like The Palace, you can create your own space on Worlize, and upload any images and use any images for your avatar.

Evolution of the Sk8er – Where avatars, or the cartoon dolls we know now, actually came from (and we’re not talking shattered innocents here).

Dollz Wikipedia article on cartoon dolls.

First Dolls Project “This site is dedicated to our first dollz, it’s meant as an inspiration for all of you who are thinking of creating your own dollz so you can see that we didn’t all start out making goegeous dollz and that it is something that takes time and patience!”
-via the Wayback Machine, as the website is no longer online

Dolling History – the Dolling History project. Hasn’t been updated since around 2007.

All About Dollz: “This site contains a very comprehensive listing of dollz websites. It began as a project for the now closed Dollz Yahoo Group and has grown to include the whole dollz community.” Via the Wayback Machine. This website was a vast resource for Dollers back in the day. It is no longer online, but I still wanted to link to the cached website, thanks to Wayback.

Love For An Immortal – I’ve said it many times — he’s the first person to put tutorials online for creating cartoon dolls — and the direct inspiration for me putting my own tutorials online. I was the second ever to put my tutorials online. His site isn’t directly responsible for me getting into cartoon dolls — his is just the only website left online that I’m aware of (and believe me, I’ve looked for other’s websites).