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New Tutorial Links & Adopted Doll

I thought about it, and I guess I should update daily of the newest links & dolls that I’ve adopted. I guess it makes sense, right? After all, it is very easy to make an update now! And it would show you, my readers, what the newest information is on the website without having to guess.
I adopted the above doll from a website I stumbled upon accidentally. I was looking for doll tutorials and I came across Jayn’s Treehouse. There aren’t any doll tutorials there, but I saw this Magic Knight Rayearth doll image and I knew that I had to adopt it! I first viewed MKR on video tape in high school (or shortly after) so in 1999 or 2000. I purchased the first series for near-on $199 at the time at a local video store at the mall that specialized in anime (a sort of rare-thing back then; anime was only just getting popular with the masses in general at that time). A few years later I purchased the second series on DVD. I have not seen the OVAs yet (or is it OAVs? I can never remember :D) I made some of my own Rayearth dolls in the past:


I added the tutorial: Base Body From A Photo – by Pixel by Pixel Productions. I don’t know why, but they are somehow familiar to me. The writer/owner of the website, I mean. Obviously they knew who Affy Puff was (see the bottom part of their tutorial where they mention that doll maker) and they were a Palace user. I am wondering if they were someone in the ‘clan’ I was in on The Palace Chat way back in the day. I doubt I’ll ever find out; their website hasn’t been updated in many years.

I also added the tutorial: Step by Step by Les Poupées Numériques. It shows how to create a full set of pixel-drawn clothing for a base body. It’s a very good tutorial, although it is in French; luckily, most browsers will offer to translate automatically nowadays.

I added the tutorial: Yukata by KelleyErin’s Dolls. This particular one is thanks to the Wayback Machine – which is a website that allows you to view websites that are no longer online. This service caches, or takes ‘snapshots’, of websites, so you can still view them for the most part. Sometimes images are not cached; luckily this website is pretty much intact.

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