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On 01/05/2019, me and my husband went to our first wrestling match of the year. I started getting into watching wrestling a few years ago. I was only watching WWE shows, like Raw, Smackdown, and 205 Live. When my husband started watching it with me, he also started watching other wrestling promotions on Twitch and other apps on our Amazon Fire box. I feel a bit silly but I didn’t realize how big wrestling actually is and how many different wrestling organizations exist.

Yesterday was Warrior Wrestling 3, in the Chicago area. We got to see (and meet!) a lot of awesome independent wrestlers, including Brian Cage, Dr. Brit Baker, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Eddie Edwards, Monix, and Moose! There were many others we saw as well, but those were some of the people we got photos with.

I have such a passion for wrestling, and I’m ashamed to say that I wish I watched it when I was younger…I might have tried to go to wrestling school. I almost want to do it, just to get into shape and have a fun way to work out. I am nearly 37 years old, so I definitely need it if I want to be in better health towards the last half of my life. 😀

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