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One of the largest collections of cartoon doll tutorials online, including tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 7 & 8, MS Paint. In addition, you will find various resources including palletes, patterns, bases & tutorial links. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find hundreds of unique & cartoon dolls website links arranged into a wide range of categories.


ad112/19/2018 – Early Merry Christmas, y’all! Hello everyone! Veriria here.  Have no worry — my cartoon dolls website Veriria’s Palace and the cartoon doll directory are STILL here!

All of my tutorials & dolls can still be found at that infamous URL I started my website many years ago – definitely over 13 – and it’s been online ever since.

My new plan for my website is still the same as the original plan: to bring you, the aspiring pixel or cartoon doll artist, all the best that the internet has to offer in the way of tutorials for our art. I also plan on showcasing other artist’s websites/profiles and reviewing their art.

You’ll find interviews with other Dollers here and my hand-picked Site(s) of the Month, along with the afore-mentioned tutorial links. In addition to that, you’ll find my adopted dolls, links to my favorite drag’n’drop websites, and links to other fabulous cartoon doll websites. There is also a separate page for Dolling History & Palace Chat links.

Last, but never least for my website, is the Free Project. It’s in homage to the now-defunct website ‘All About Dollz’. Right now it is a collection of base bodies, but I hope to include more things in the future!

You can also suggest new links for me to add. I want it to be the largest repository of links for tutorials using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, and any other paint application you can think of! My favorite program was Paint Shop Pro (version 7). But that’s more than likely because it was all I could afford back when it was new, haha!