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Dollz Netiquette is online!

A big update today! I’ve created a Dollz Netiquette page for my website. It harkens back to the days when Dollz of Flavor was still online. They were the first website to have a page dedicated to the guidelines we all, as dollers, should be following. My page may grow over time. I’ve added at […]

You know you’re addicted to Palace:

I didn’t write this list; I found it online and wanted to share it. Not surprisingly, some can be attributed to Dollers as well! 1) When you see only avatars in your dreams. 2) When you double click your clothes to put them on. 3) When you forget how to laugh and can only say […]

You know you’re a Doller when:

YOU KNOW YOU’RE A DOLLER WHEN: #17 You have a hard time deciding on your favorite base because you love them all. #16 You’d rather work on your dollz site than spend the evening with your husband. #15 You desperately want to enter a contest, just not RUN it. #14 You look at photos and […]