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So I know just the other day I said I would keep track of all the new things I added to my website here; I totally derped about it and forgot to keep track in a post. I’ve been working on my website the entire day here since I woke up, and have had lots of fun doing so.

One thing I did was create a separate Page for Drag and Drops that I find highly entertaining. I’m not talking about in general websites; I’m going to be linking directly to the specific drag and drops that I like. This link will show up under the “Spotlight” category in the top menu.

I also created the Free Project page on my website. The bases offered here will always be free to use and edit in any way you like, and you aren’t required to link anywhere to use them. They are base bodies that were once easily obtained on The Palace Chat, as well as base bodies offered up by other dollers. We will of course be accepting base bodies or any other dolling graphics if you should like to contribute to the project! Please Contact Veriria for more information.

I also added a few links to the Cartoon Doll Websites links page.

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