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The Palace Chat is a 2-d graphical chatting program where you could use avatars and other graphics to represent yourself. I will always adore & love The Palace Chat; however,  there just aren’t any dollers – or even any sk8er avatars – on it anymore. I’ll say it again, I believe Palace caused the explosion of  the drag and drops/dollmakers on the web. And further more, that caused people to not go onto The Palace anymore. A lot of people used The Palace for the avatars/dolls – after all, it was basically a giant drag and drop sort of game.

I came back to dolling and The Palace only within the last week; I’ll still log on to Palace every once in a while, but that’s just to be nostalgic and talk to specific friends who I know still use it (I’m looking at you, Palace server ‘The Mothership II’). But I’m not going to pay for a Palace server again – it just wasn’t visited by a lot of people at all. Why shell out the $$ for something you know no one is going to use?

On the OTHER hand, have you heard of Worlize at all? It’s very similar to The Palace in that it is a 2-d graphical chatting program where you can use graphics & avatars to represent yourself (and it is free). But: it is browser based! And even better, you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter profiles if you don’t want to register (although I did register).

I can’t say that you’ll find me on here all the time, either, but hey — you might just get the chance 🙂 Click below to enter my server!

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