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Here you will find a continually updated listing of the best cartoon doll tutorials that can be found on the internet, hand picked by me, Veriria! They are either a)awesome people b)super talented or c)all of the above.

Complete Doll
Step by Step by Les Poupées Numériques (in French; must translate).

Base Bodies
Draw A Base – by Josie
Making doll bases tutorial – by Wayuki
Base Body From A Photo – by Pixel by Pixel Productions

Hair Shading – by Bloss
Wavy Hair – by retrofuturepixels

Shading Folds – by Josie
Shading Styles – by Mariii

Creating a Tie Dye Shirt – by Amanda

Creating a medieval dress – by Amanda
Dress – by retrofuturepixels
Yukata by KelleyErin’s Dolls* via Wayback Machine

Jeans – by retrofuturepixels

Skintone Palettes – by Josie
Colour Palettes – by by Josie
Color Palettes – by Haven of Silindor

Palette Generators
Color Blender
Color Table

Pixel Art
MS Paint Pixel Art – by vanmall

Tall Converse Shoes

Body/Pose References
Posemaniacs“Pose Maniacs supports all artists, including art students and people who study illustrations and mangas on their own.”
Cover Browser“View 450,000+ covers of comics, books & more.”
Mjranum-Stock DA – A multitude of images, mainly different bodily poses. Some with clothing.NSFW
Senshi Stock – more pose reference photos.

Detailing tiny dolls – by Wayuki
Chainmail! – by Haven of Silindor
How to Make a Successful [Dolls] Website – by Haven of Silindor
Wings – by Bloss
Blood & Scars – by Pixel Crematorium

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