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You know you’re a Doller when:


#17 You have a hard time deciding on your favorite base because you love them all.

#16 You’d rather work on your dollz site than spend the evening with your husband.

#15 You desperately want to enter a contest, just not RUN it.

#14 You look at photos and think “I should pixel this.”

#13 You see a cute, well-dressed girl on the street and you want to click on her so you can get the base.

#12 After you adopt her, of course.

#11 You try to hit the UNDO button when you mess up your eyeliner.

#10 You try to hit the UNDO button when drawing with a pencil.

#9 You’d rather doll yourself into an outfit than buy it.

#8 You want to doll your prom dresses, but know you can’t make them look that good.

#7 You’re so into what you’re dolling that you don’t want to get up to pee because you will forget what you had planned.

#6 You’ve been at the computer pixelling so long you forgot to eat all day.

#5 You watch award shows/read magazines at the check out line/care at all about what is going on in the celebrity/fashion world just to get ideas for your next doll.

#4 You can’t wait until Halloween so you can doll all the cute Halloween-y things: costumes, decorations, etc.

#3 You want to pixel the dolls you see at the store.

#2 When you wish you could magnify everything 15x to see it better.

#1 You thought 50 Shades of Grey was a palette contest.

Thanks to all the wonderful Dollers who contributed to this list:
TwoHeartPixels – Veriria – ebil – Faerie – Bijou – Sabbi – Bad Crystal – faerygrrl – Sugaree – Alska Du – FireLily

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