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I have to go to work soon, but I’m working on my website a little bit before I go. I’ve updated the theme — it is called ‘Montezuma’and I found it on Bytes For All‘s website. It’s very clean and basic; I’d like something with a little more zazz, but since I haven’t found ‘The One’ yet, this will do quite nicely.

I want to use a static front page for my site here, but I’d also like an easy way to find updates. I am going to try putting in a NEWS link on the upper right hand side (where the stars are) which will be the main navigation for the site.

My webhost is currently trying to figure out why the dolls directory is not working. But basically; when I installed WordPress here, the site told me I needed to update my PHP version. So, my webhost did, and that is when the directory STOPPED working. If it can’t get resolved…Well, it’s not that big of a deal. Some of the links were outdated, and I got mega-lots of SPAM because there’s no way for spam bots to be blocked from submitting their crappy, malware-infested links. I figure with a nice WordPress layout, I can make Pages with hand-coded links.

I hope you are enjoying the change in layout! I’ve always liked clean themes and layouts, that aren’t bogged down by loads of images.

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