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I…I actually…Dolled!


This is Dr. Frank-N-Furter, from the movie (and rock and roll musical) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know that I came back to the dolling world last year, and I did pixel — but I hadn’t created a ‘real’ doll. Well — here’s my first since coming back to the dolling community! I finished this instead of going to bed or getting my stuff ready for work…*meh* I’m so excited that I made it!

I’m not too happy with the heels…On the other hand, I think they came out well given I haven’t made heels in…Well, forever.

Base is by Ars Deorum Pixels. If you visit the site, be aware that some base bodies & dolls are totally not safe for work. You have been warned!

As always with any of my work, I still proclaim you can use this doll in any way you like. Steal it, Frank-N-Doll it, whatever; just make sure you follow any rules that Ars Deorum Pixels has concerning their base bodies. Of course — I’d absolutely LOVE IT if you adopted it and linked back to my website(s). But if you cannot, please don’t worry about it. It’s all good.

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