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Submitting a Site

You do not need to have an account to submit a link! To submit a site to the directory, please go to the category you wish it to be placed under. For example, a tutorial for feathers should be placed under the Textures & Effects subcategory of Feathers.  Then click on the "Suggest a Listing" in the upper right hand menu.  Fill out all appropriate fields and submit. Also, be sure to directly link to the tutorial page itself, if possible. The description must be at least 50 characters long, but no more than 500 characters. If the tutorial in question is for pixel or tool shading, please check the appropriate box.  You can also upload a small image to go along with the link suggestion, such as an example of what can be created or of the shading techniques. Please use a white background, if possible, not a transparent background. 


Feel free to submit other people's tutorials, even if the websites are outdated or no longer updated. You may also submit tutorials listed on deviantArt. If you can think of another category, please by all means click on the "Suggest Category" button! Follow the same guidelines as above - go to the appropriate parent category, then click the "Suggest Category" button.

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