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About This Website

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My name is Veriria, and I'm addicted to cartoon dolls -- and The Palace Chat.

A long time ago, a very well known doller known as Xandorra (who, incidentally, was started on cartoon dolls thanks to my website!) had created a "Doll Tutorial Search Engine" which linked to numerous websites on the internet to help in the creation of cartoon dolls. Sadly, her search engine has been closed for a long while now.

As I've been away from the dolling world for quite some time, I did not realize that Xandorra's search engine was gone. I wanted to find some tutorials to help me with tool shading, but it wasn't meant to be! Some time later, another doller named UltraViolet created a Doll Tutorial Directory for cartoon doll tutorials. I was happy to find it until I realized the last link added to the directory was way back in 2010!

Even if my new cartoon dolls tutorial directory only benefits one person, that is one more person that gets the help they were looking for. I only wish I could have taken over Xandorra's (or UltraViolet's) sites before they were taken down or left neglected online. It would have been superb to keep the same resources going online instead of making a new one.

Nevertheless, I hope you join me in making this cartoon doll tutorial directory a success!

You can start helping out by submitting links to websites which contain tutorials.