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Cartoon Dolls Tutorials Links Website

Welcome to the Cartoon Doll Tutorials, Links and Bases Directory

Some updates!

I've got the basics of the layout fleshed out to my liking.  I've also got the news page (what you are now viewing) and the "Contact" page up and available.  I started with these two first, mostly for the fact that news and updates are good, and the "Contact" page is even more important, because that is probably the main way to share URL/website links with me, so that I may post them into my directory!

The directory of links will itself be on the main page (when I have it up and online == which I do NOT yet!  I still need links :)

You don't need to log in to your mail accounts or anything, thanks to a handy dandy PHP script it will email me automatically :D

You can find said "Contact" link at Contact ME! Keep in mind, the rest of the website is NOT online yet.  Please share some links!

Of course, the forums are up and online (hosted off-server).  There aren't any shiny bells and whistles on that yet.  If you are a pixel artist and would like to help me out, please email me (using the form above! haha).

Cheers for now ~~~

Posted on 28 Feb 2012 by veriria

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